"... bite your tongue till it bleeds!"

... was the suggestion I received in a well meant manner from a supporting somebody, after pointing in an environment with an obviously fundamental attitude to the fact, that one needs to read more then just 'one' book – may the later be bible, qur'an (koran), torah or what ever ...

Ragout from Tongue, Falk style
  • one or two tongues from cattle
  • cook for 2-3h with seleriac, carrots, add salt and black pepper and few juniper berries
  • when done, strip tongue of its skin and slice it up
  • roll little balls from minced meat, take an extra amount of pepper to make them rather sharp
  • cook them until done in the tongues broth
  • take a new pot and pur some broht in it as stock
  • add a glass of red wine for each tongue
  • put tongue pieces, meat balls and one or two cans of whole mushrooms in it
  • add little cocktail saucages if you want
  • add at least 1/4L cream
  • simmer all together again and bind sauce with starch
preferably served with croccettes made from puff-paste

One of my favorites! Enjoy!
Ichtys ?

Try to remember why a fish symbol (Ichtys) was chosen as 'sign' to recon one another as 'christian' in old Rom or elsewhere? Something like: You have to swim against the mainstream – or you are considered dead. Quite good allegory and picture one certainly must admit. Though, not always will the mayority be wrong. But one needs to consider at least the possibility. It depends on point of view to which side somebody feels he is belonging. With the general paranoia present in man I suppose, most tend to think they are part of the (good) minority. So am I! I may share the general paranoia too, but maybe for a different reason, because I am not the one with a long range bomber fleet in my backyard ...

Now, what are you doing? What am I doing?
I for one turned around and began swimming against the bullshrimp I saw/see – at the tender age of about ten or twelve. Ever since I was after the principles as to how this world functions. It was only natural that I became a scientist, doing fundamental research, not?!
I can honestly say, that I did my share. And I did all this for the plain knowledge and out of interest and not for any profit. It is almost impossible to gain any profit in this field anyhow. It certainly needs idealism and determination ...

It is surprising what all can be discovered and how far we can get with our little brains, if we only want to. No need for mystic, paranormal or metaphysic explanations – until one gets close to singularities.

Other then certain believes you will find, that no rule of nature, which was ever discovered, can be used as legitimation to suppress or kill others or abuse an environment until it is finally destroyed. [It was tried of course, as one can see in forms like the Neo-Darwinism.]

Respect, honesty, good behavior and of course – common sense – is not out of reach for anybody. It is an intellectual thing and doesnt need enforcement from any government or any kind of church. After all, both would be obsolet indeed. And how many times in history where these institutions used by a scrupelous few as instruments to gain power over others and get rich and fat?! Countless! And they still are! At least for my kids, I really wish an end to this nonsense.

I cant bite my tongue all time and thanks to the stubborness of Winston Churchill, I can speek out loud today – so I did ...

Falk      (Feb. 10th, 2009)

brainstorming phrases with close connection to the above text:

From a nation with access to B-52's, B-1's, B-2's, F-117's, F-22's, many carriers etc. etc. etc., any over-enthusiastic expression of religious feelings and/or related mass behavior, scares me to death! To mix any part of these two fields, is considered downright dangerous by me.
The problem is, always has been, and probably always will be, that religion/faith/believes are used as legitimation to strafe other countries, ethnic groups, people – because – THIS/OURS is gods country, isn't it?!

See the other side and you most likely find just the same feelings, everybody convinced he is right, but maybe turned a full 180 – and off we go again – for the next slaughter – for hundreds of years to come!

There is a reason for religous feelings in man. Once you understand the principle behind it, you might discover what BS all the different kinds of preachers want to tell you, over and over again. Not everybody can be right! But of course, each side pretends and KNOWS for a fact, that she has the answer to everything and is 'blessed' by god/gods – from what ever background/culture they may be.

WHOM can/will/is competent to decide? Nobody on this planet! The only way out is to accept that there is obviously a systematic error – and none of the wide spread religions can be right or true.

IMO religion has to be a personal search and endevor, for every single person that is, and for her alone. There is no other way – no shortcut. If two or three start to clogg together and follow the same route – as people like shortcuts – it will sooner or later lead into trouble.

Since I was a boy, I felt it couldn't be as I was told and some people tried to convince me. But who am I to say that it can't be, when all others say it is that way?! Only at an age of 10 or 12 I had many internal conflicts about this and it took some years to get it solved. But ever since, I do my own 'search' ...