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If any copyright-owner is offended to see his/her data here – please – contact me and let me know. Pictures and texts etc. can be changed to a blank link or removed completely if so disiered.

Thank you! Falk
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Wer mir eine e-mail schreiben möchte, der sollte tunlichst einen Betreff wählen, der erkennen läßt, daß es sich um eine "echte" Nachricht handelt und nicht um irgendwelchen Spam-Müll! Ich lösche mir suspekte e-mails von nicht bekannten Absendern ohne sie zu öffnen! Sollte ich aber auf eine e-mail geantwortet haben, so empfinde ich es als nur recht und billig, wenn man mir eine Rückmeldung zukommen läßt. Leider mußte ich in letzter Zeit eine zunehmende Schludrigkeit in Sachen Anstand und Benehmen, sowie Orthographie feststellen.

Hin und wieder werde ich gefragt, ob ich jemandes "Freund" sein will – bei Facebook, oder Twitter, oder oder ...?!
Nein Danke! Will ich nicht. Weder besitze ich irgendwo ein Konto, noch habe ich vor bei einem der sogenannten "Social Networks" eines einzurichten. Es ist aber durchaus möglich im echten Leben mein Freund zu werden, sollte man sich einmal von Angesicht zu Angesicht begegnen ...!

   If you want to send me an e-mail and me to answer, make sure you choose a subject line which has some sort of genuine character and may convince me to open it. Otherwise I delete e-mail from unknown source without reading them! Should you receive an answer though, then I consider it just plain good behavior if I get a reply in timely fashion as well. Unfortunately I had to notice quite a drop in manners as well as orthographic skills in the past. Ahh, by the way, make sure to identify yourself as non native speaker if you write in German. I had unfortunate misunderstandings because of that as well ...

I don't have any account in a social network whatsoever and I have no need for this to be changed. So don't even search for me and don't waste your and my time by sending requests, asking if I would like to be your "friend" etc. If you want to be my friend in the real world, yes, that might be possible, if I see you "face-2-face" ...

for sale
Pantherophis guttatus zu verkaufen   © Falk 2009 ... ich habe zur Zeit wieder Mäuse übrig!
Ich habe ein paar Kornnattern (Pantherophis guttatus) abzugeben! Das dazu passende Futter hab ich auch immer mal wieder übrig! Einfach rechts und/oder links klicken ...

Zur Zeit sind Mäuse verfügbar!   
Stand: Oktober 2017   


Sehr hübsch!
Ich meine, ich sehe da einen ACE-Standard Broadhead ...

Ich bin eben dabei mich um ein Original dieses PinUps aus den end-1940ern zu bemühen, um damit meine Wand zu schmücken.
  Aber ich bin auch auf der Suche nach Modellen, die Spaß daran haben mit mir etwas ähnliches zu produzieren. Um passende Ausrüstung muß sich niemand Sorgen machen, denn die habe ich mit Gewißheit da. Nur entsprechende Kleidung müßte selbst mitgebracht werden. Aber die kann man zur Not ja auch weglassen ...

Ich nehme kein Geld dafür.
Ich arbeite auf TfP-Basis (CD) und wir machen einen entsprechenden Model-Release-Vertrag etc., damit es keine Unklarheiten gibt.

Wenn die Sonne rauskommt, dann ist zur Zeit das Licht wunderbar, also kontaktiert mich möglichst bald unter:

  photo 'at' broadheads.de

... und vielleicht wählt Ihr als Betreff "PinUp" oder etwas unmißverständlich deutbares, damit Eure e-mails nicht ungelesen von mir gelöscht werden. Danke,

lovely ACE-Standard PinUp, probably late 1940s   © Falk 2017
zum Vergleich ein ACE-Standard (#0058) aus dem Jahr 1941
ACE-Standard   © Falk 2017

13.03.2017:   Today it's 15 years ago that I joined the SETI-Project. Almost unbelievable that it's that long already!
My reasoning for contributing to SETI hasn't changed a lot in all those years and I find it nowadays even more important then it was back then and I would whish for a positive signal better sooner then later.
Besides my pure curiosity and scientific interest in the subject of extra-terrestrial life in general, I am convinced that the discovery of an other civilisation "out there" would bring disaster to every form of clerics/religion and their poisonous "only we know the truth and are blessed by xyz" [← insert an imaginary almightiness]. The discovery of ET life would lead to the rapid decline and extinction of bullshit spreading preachers of all major flavours – so my hope.
More then 9000 hours of computing time and some burnt out GPU's went into this project from my side. The meagre volume of data processed by my machines is due to the fact that I never had top notch hardware. My children's computers might today be able to run the same workunits in a few days!? Anyhow! I would like to encourage everybody to join this most interesting project and donate as much spare computing power as possible to it. What could bring mankind more "down to Earth" then knowing for fact that:
  We are not alone!
15a Seti Member   © Falk 2017
15a SETI@home Member    


I added a new Riddle.
Just follow along or submit a guess if you want to.
let's see if you can ID the hidden Broadhead   © Falk 2016

Ich habe eben einen gerade in Nature veröffentlichten Artikel überflogen, der sich mit DNA-Analysen der tierischen Bekleidungsreste von Ötzi beschäftigt. Bei all der Arbeit und den Mühen die in solch einen Artikel hineinfließen verstehe ich nicht, warum mich nach zwei Minuten schon der erste Fehler "anspringt"!? Es hat im Prinzip keine Relevanz was die Aussage der Arbeit betrifft, aber es ist eine ?Nachlässigkeit, die schlicht und einfach Zweifel daran aufkommen läßt, ob die Autoren eigentlich wissen von was sie reden ...

O'SULLIVAN et al. (2016): A whole mitochondria analysis of the Tyrolean Icemanís leather provides insights into the animal sources of Copper Age clothing. – Nature, Scientific Reports 6, Article number: 31279; doi:10.1038/srep31279.

Man schaue sich Fig. 2 B an,
  fällt da nicht sofort etwas auf ...?!

Ich sehe da kein Roe Deer = Capreolus capreolus = Reh
die Silhouette zeigt eindeutig eine Pronghorn Antilope ("Gabelbock") = Antilocapra americana

Und ... es ist auch schon wieder 15 Jahre her, daß ich Ötzi persönlich gegenüber stand.

May the 4th ... be with you!

21. Jan. 2016:    Just a reminder to all folks who would like to sell vintage stuff on evil-Bay and who are probably not even aware of this:

If you happen to have something to offer and it falls into the following timeframe/categories, whatever it may be, avoid using expressions like WW-I, WW-II, WW-2, Luftwaffe, Wehrmacht, Nazi, Swastika and/or combinations thereof, if you want German customers to bid or have a look at it at all.

There is an annoying censorship policy on German eBay sites going on which blocks every auction, indiscriminative of that auctions content, should you use some of the mentioned wording above!

I ran into this bullshit so many times over the years, it's not funny anymore. Today I was looking for Morse-Keys as I am in the process of brushing up my keying a bit. Almost 30 years ago I had to learn this more or less obsolete skill. I own a practise key and once in a while I fiddle around with it. But Morse-Keys do make interesting to look at collectors items too, I figured. So I did a search on eBay and came up with a couple hundreds indeed. But as many of these were used, lost, forgotten, buried etc. during War times, it is no surprise that in every second eBay-auction description there is one or two of the NO-NO-Words – and I can't even look at them! [but the search does list them all – in case you wonder.]
There are probably ways around this nonsense via hiding my IP address etc., but WHY have I to waste time and effort at all!? This is unacceptable Censorship, Tutelage* and what not!

Please be aware of this problem. Some (not me) Germans tend to have deep pockets and you may find it indeed advantageous, should they be able to bid on your own auctions as well. And it could be anything, as I said. I had this happen to me with Bows, Arrows, Books, Watches, Cameras, Lenses, Artwork, Photos, Postcards, Stamps, Knives, Furniture, Clothes, anything ...!

Cheers and di di dah did!

* I had to use my dictionary for this one. So I learned something here. Has long not happened.

site construction
06. Dez. 2015:    Wer das hier liest, der hat sicher längst gemerkt, daß es seit heute eine neue Frontseite gibt!? Wie bereits angekündigt hat damit die Spaltung in einen Pfeil & Bogen- sowie einen Photographie-lastigen Teil nun offiziell stattgefunden.

Die Home-Links bringen einen nun ggbfs. auf die neue Frontpage, oder aber auf die Hauptseite der jeweiligen Unterkategorie in der man sich gerade befindet. Wenn das nicht zielführend ist, dann hilft eventl. nur noch die Adresszeile des Browers weiter. Ich hoffe das macht nicht all zu viel Probleme ...

site construction
06. Okt. 2015:    Hier geht es zu meinem neuen Photo-Blog, als Teil der Umstrukturierung meiner Seiten.

site construction
06. Okt. 2015:     I am in the process to reconstruct this site and split it into two different subjects!

For one there will be the old and familiar Broadhead-/Archery section of it, but I definately need to get my Photography more into the public here.

The framework already exists, but I need to fill it in, which might take a few years, if I ever manage to keep up with it at all!? Anyway, there needs to be a new Frontpage, from which you can chose to either go to the Archery or Photography branch of my pages. Be prepared for that coming up soon!
I am not smart enough to design all this into a completely new and modern website. You will have to cope with my existing and basic design features, as ever. The old pages will remain the same and probably unchanged, I guess. The Photography needs to be written all from scratch – and I am in that process right now. I will set a link below so that, for the first time, everyone can have a look at the construction work I am now in ...

It is no secret, that I have not had much interest in keeping the Broadhead pages up to date, for a couple of years. Different reasons for that. For one, an injury kept me from shooting my bows almost entirely. It needed two OP's and long time to cure. Nowadays I have fully recovered and am fine again. But interests have shifted in the process, as it happens when you do something for decades. And frankly, some arrogant idiots in the community got me so pissed and upset, that I had no interest what-so-ever to widely spread my knowledge for free anymore. Go and use Wikipedia instead. Good luck!

As I write this I relize right now, that I went for English. Well, thats okay here. But my Photography pages, as far as I did them, are all German. A picture is worth a thousand words, so that should be fine even if you are unable/-willing to read the German text. Go have a look here and come back often, to see how I get along. To facilitate things even more, here is the link to my new Photo-Blog, which should be a more then an adaquate replacement for the "Picture-of-the-week" thingy, don't you think?

Hints on not working links or typos are welcome, if you find they persist for a lenght of time. Keep in mind that all is in a state of constant change right now, so it might be cured the next day. If you bother writing me, just follow the above rules for e-mail-contact ...

    Cheers, Falk

12. April 2015:   Heute habe ich auf dem Flohmarkt ein gut erhaltenes Takumar Weitwinkel eingesteckt und anschließend etwas damit herumexperimentiert. Hier eine Bokeh-Beispiel von einem Hasel-geschäfteten, Eiben-verstärkt selfgenocktem ...
primitive Arrow © Falk 2015
primitive Arrow   [SMC Takumar 35mm F3.5]    

shared wisdom
Die beiden Enden der Gauß'schen Glockenkurve:   Clout-Schießen auf 80m und Extrem-Bodybuilding der Frauen ...!

    Falk, 22.02.2015

site construction
let's see if you can ID the hidden Broadhead   © Falk 2015
07.01.2015:  I added a new Riddle.
Just follow along or submit a guess if you want to.