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I know that more then 70% of my visitors are from outside Germany.
Nevertheless I am not inclined to devolope a full English text version of my site, sorry! That's just to much work and I don't get any fonds whatsoever out of it. These pages were also meant to boost some interest in the subject to the German viewer in the first place. We don't have any bowhunting over here and whomever is interested will have to learn English and look abroad to search for any form of information. In this respect I truely believe that I am breaking new ground with my pages. Of course, my own views take the better part here and me being a stubborn dissident, they will seldom coincide with "official" opinions – but that's them officials fault and I don't care ...!
Again – I am sorry for all third party languages and people who had hoped for an English translation here. My best advise for you is, to take a dictionary and use some brain to get behind all this. You better not rely on them, but you can try a Babel-Fish programm for an online-translation!? Be VERY carefull with the outcome, though! I don't deal with prosaic stuff here and I guess that many a word will be highly misinterpretated by the translation engine. Please don't blame it on me if it sounds strange, okay?!

In some cases I have made comments in English. Most likely you'll find these set in brackets, together with an English flag:
[  ... example of comment in English ...]

Browse your mouse over the many pictures (try the map ontop), because I sometimes made an English description which will 'pop-up' then*. I am thinking of doing this more often with future additions ... so, keep looking!
[* This was tested and works with InternetExplorer up to IE 7. I had to notice that it doesn't work with Opera or Firefox, wich is rather sad, because I made lots of comments within the pictures by now. I have no idea how other browsers handle the  alt=" "  comments within images – sorry!]

If you, for any good reason, should need some help because you can't make it work and you have to know what it means, then – and only then – contact me via   Xinfo@broadheadsX.de   and I'll help you along ...   (<= Spam-Protection! Remove those 'X' )

Cheers, Falk

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... it will not lead you to translated pages but may help to get an idea of the contents of my website.

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Copyright notice: Pictures and texts on my homepage which are NOT my property will only be seen as 'deep links' – which is – they are on their original server, and will only 'pop up' here. I do not download and post them as my own! By no means is it my intention to use them in a manner as if I am the original author. Anyhow, I may have done a quotation here and there – which is in good order and common practise in literatur and should apply to the internet as well!? Though, only those advocats will know and get rich by keeping their secrets to themself! Quotations are marked as such and the author is always given; a refference to the original source is most likely included.
If any copyright-owner is offended to see his/her data here – please – contact me and let me know. Pictures and texts etc. can be changed to a blank link or removed completely if so disiered.

Thank you! Falk